Perfection is our Promise


SYSTEMOTRIX Technology Consulting services helps organizations better understand and strive for a more secure, well-managed, and dynamic IT infrastructure that will help enable them to reduce their overall IT expenses, make better use of IT resources and make IT a strategic asset for the business. The methodology followed, supports IT professionals in the management of servers, desktops, mobile devices, and applications and in achieving efficient resource usage to help eliminate unnecessary costs and complexity, ensure that the business is always up and running, and establish a responsive infrastructure


These services includes a complete set of technologies that helps streamline the management and control of content, data and processes across all areas of your business. It helps simplify how people work together, makes processes and content management more efficient and improves the quality of business insight while enabling IT to increase responsiveness and have a strategic impact on the business.


This includes a complete set of integrated services that helps streamline the management, control & delivery of Data Centers and its related IT Infrastructure. It helps simplify the day to day IT support and delivery to end users, which in turn enables end user learning and increasing the productivity.


The Organization has demonstrable expertise in wide range of technologies and industry verticals. The company is well positioned to provide advisory services to large and small enterprises that help them to arrive at the right mix of technologies and optimal way of deploying and managing them. The expertise of SYSTEMOTRIX ’s personnel comes from working with leading technology companies across the globe and involves a diverse mix of competencies in a variety of technology domains. Regular training and certifications provided with these leaders ensures that SYSTEMOTRIX ’s members are abreast with the latest developments.
The young leadership team guiding Smart Planet has built an organization of trust and entrepreneurial zeal. These distinctive traits have given rise to a culture of Entrepreneurship. At SYSTEMOTRIX self-motivated and goal driven members set their own peaks to conquer. Resources, infrastructure and guidance are provided to the team members for their pursuit.

Our skill set:

1. HMS
2. ERP solution .
3. CRM .
4. Education system .
5. Web development .
6. IP Telephony solution

Our product :

1. Patient document management system. (
2. Online billing
3. Online tutorial system.
4. MR reporting for pharmaceutical house.